NFL fantasy football: Chris Johnson leads Week 1 Shame

Did one move ruin your fantasy weekend? For 2012 we're introducing the Fantasy Shame Report, presented by Snickers. All season long, we want YOU to tweet videos of your most regrettable fantasy decisions, using the hashtag #FantasyShame. The saddest story will be featured on the Fantasy Report.

In addition, we are shining the white-hot light of shame on those players who were lowlights in your fantasy lineup in this space each week.

Just remember, players: Don't get angry if you read your name here. Ultimately, I didn't do this to you ... you did this to you. Let it begin!

No. 5 - Michael Turner (11 carries, 32 yards, 3.2 fantasy points)

No. 4 - Matt Stafford (355 yards but 3 picks, 1 TD and only 12.5 fantasy points)

Glass half-full perspective: Stafford salvaged his day (and his team's) with a last-minute TD pass. Glass half-empty perspective: you didn't draft him in the first or second round to throw just one TD pass per game. Uh-oh, the Niners D just smashed the glass on the floor. Better skip Stafford in Week 2 if you have anything halfway respectable at QB.

No. 3 - Mike Vick (317 pass yards, 32 rushing, 2 TD, 4 picks, 15.88 fantasy points)

The yardage and two TDs were just fine, the four picks were woeful ... but maybe Cleveland's defense isn't too bad. Stop laughing! Seriously, it could be true! I said stop … ah, who am I kidding? It was a bad day for Vick … but I guarantee he will validate your confidence in him over the course of the season. Maybe.

No. 2 Andrew Luck (309 passing, 1 TD, 3 INT, 1 lost fumble, 9.26 fantasy points)

The bad news is, Luck was overshadowed by RG3 in Week 1. The good news is, Luck is facing the Vikes D, not the Bears D, in Week 2. Better news: Luck is not on the Browns.

And at No. 1, earning this week's Brown Paper Bag of Fantasy Shame…

Chris Johnson (47 yards receiving, 4 rushing, 5.10 fantasy points)

Think Week 1 was just a little bump in the road? Think again. Even if Johnson runs better going forward, Jake Locker will be stealing the goal line TDs all season long (and next season, too). Wear it well, CJ2K.

Week Two is fast approaching. C'mon, NFLers: try not to embarrass yourselves.

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