NFL extends virtual offseason through May 29

The NFL is continuing forward with its virtual offseason.

The league has extended the virtual period for offseason workout programs "through and including May 29" according to a memo sent to all 32 clubs Wednesday and obtained by NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport. The update includes the extension of rules set forth in the collective bargaining agreement and modified April 13 to allow for virtual interaction in place of on-site and on-field work.

The virtual period was originally slated to end on Friday, May 15.

Essentially, this is a notice to all teams to continue conducting business as usual, as there is no major change in the way the NFL is operating during these unprecedented times. The league is remaining flexible in allowing teams to discontinue and/or resume their offseason workout programs (either virtually or on-field, provided all NFL club facilities have reopened), and also permitting franchises that haven't included virtual workouts to this point to add such workouts to their individual programs "provided players are given adequate notice to prepare for participation in the workouts."

In keeping with the league's traditional schedule, all offseason workout programs must conclude by June 26. There's also room for adjustment if a change in the way society handles the current COVID-19 pandemic:

"In the event Club facilities reopen at some point in June, under protocols established by the League in consultation with our medical advisors, the remaining on-field portion of the program will be determined in consultation with the Joint Committee and will be promulgated to Clubs at the earliest possible date," the memo stated.

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