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NFL executives fear taunting might be getting out of control

By Bill Bradley, contributing editor

While there has been a lot of talk about the investigation of the Miami Dolphins locker room, NFL Media's Judy Battista says another hot topic among league officials at the NFL Annual Meeting has been the on-field behavior of players.

"What's come to light is that they're not just worried about the use of racial slurs," Battista said Tuesday on NFL Network's "NFL AM." "They are worried about behavior in general.

"(New York Giants co-owner) John Mara, who is on the Competition Committee, told me the other day a lot of executives feel like behavior is almost out of control and they need to rein it back in. Taunting penalties nearly quadrupled last year over the previous season. They've got to rein that in."

Battista said the buzz word among league executives is "respect."

"They want to create an environment of respect among players, between players and coaches, officials. They want to have a more normal workplace environment."

Battista referred to comments by Cincinnati Bengals coach Marvin Lewis, who said what the players are saying is getting picked up with microphones everywhere on the field.

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