NFL Draft Most Quarterbacks-First Round

NEW YORK (AP) -Most quarterbacks selected in the first round of the NFL draft since 1970 (traded selections):

  1. Indianapolis, John Elway, Stanford.
  1. Kansas City, Todd Blackledge, Penn St.
  1. Buffalo, Jim Kelly, Miami.
  1. New England, Tony Eason, Illinois.
  1. N.Y. Jets, Ken O'Brien, Cal-Davis.
  1. Miami, Dan Marino, Pittsburgh.
  1. Cleveland, Tim Couch, qb, Kentucky.
  1. Philadelphia, Donovan McNabb, qb, Syracuse.
  1. Cincinnati, Akili Smith, qb, Oregon.
  1. Minnesota (from Washington), Daunte Culpepper, qb, Central Florida.
  1. Chicago (from New Orleans through Washington), Cade McNown, qb, UCLA.
  1. Tampa Bay, Vinny Testaverde, Miami.
  1. St. Louis, Kelly Stouffer, Colorado St.
  1. Atlanta, Chris Miller, Oregon.
  1. Chicago, Jim Harbaugh, Michigan.
  1. Cincinnati, Carson Palmer, qb, Southern Cal.
  1. Jacksonville, Byron Leftwich, qb, Marshall.
  1. Baltimore (from New England), Kyle Boller, qb, California.
  1. Chicago (from New York Jets), Rex Grossman, qb, Florida.
  1. x-San Diego, Eli Manning, qb, Mississippi.
  1. x-New York Giants, Philip Rivers, qb, North Carolina State.
  1. Pittsburgh, Ben Roethlisberger, qb, Miami (Ohio).
  1. Buffalo (from Dallas), J.P. Losman, qb, Tulane.
  1. Carolina, Cam Newton, Auburn.
  1. Tennessee, Jake Locker,, Washington.
  1. Jacksonville (from Washington), Blaine Gabbert, Missouri.
  1. Minnesota, Christian Ponder, Florida State.
  1. Indianapolis, Andrew Luck, qb, Stanford.
  1. Washington (from St. Louis), Robert Griffin III, qb, Baylor.
  1. Miami, Ryan Tannehill, qb, Texas A&M.
  1. Cleveland (from Atlanta), Brandon Weeden, qb, Oklahoma State.
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