NFL draft: Best and worst picks ever for every team


In the days leading up to the 2013 NFL Draft, writers will list their best and worst picks for all 32 teams and allow users to determine their choices as well.

Tony Gonzalez might be the NFL's all-time leading receiving tight end, but he has serious competition for the title of best Chiefs draft pick ever. Also, who was the worst draft pick by Kansas City?

Blaine Gabbert hasn't played like a first round selection, but will the Jaguars quarterback make the worst pick ever list? Or is it too soon to tell? Also, check out which star running back is the best pick ever.

JaMarcus Russell may have shed 27 pounds, but has he lost the baggage of being considered a bust? Also, which Raiders all-time great will claim the mantle as the best Raiders pick?

Over their 80 seasons in the NFL, the Eagles have made plenty of picks to remember like a certain Minister and, of course, some to forget Fast. Here are the most impactful selections of the modern era.

Yes, there was Barry Sanders. But then there was Matt Millen. The breakdown should read Best Picks, Worst Picks and Millen-esque Picks. Alas, Lions fans, we press on. Check out our selections.

The Cleveland Browns have drafted their share of Hall of Famers, but their recent history has been a string of busts. By limiting the scope of draft picks to the Super Bowl era, it gives a better cross-section of the Browns' proudest and darkest draft days.

The Arizona Cardinals have struggled since, well, ever, not counting Larry Fitzgerald almost winning them a Super Bowl in 2008. See where Larry lands on the best list, and who occupies the worst.

From the highest of high points, Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas and Andre Reed, to the lowest of lows, offensive tackle Mike Williams, have a look at the best and worst all-time Bills draft picks.

They might have Broadway Joe, but the New York Jets are the gold standard of disappointing draft picks. Check out who made the list of best and worst. Yes, Vernon Gholston is on this list.

Steve McNair clearly is one of the finest draft picks in the history of the Tennessee Titans, which goes back to the franchise's time as the Houston Oilers. But some epic flops followed the move.

One name reigns supreme in San Diego Chargers history as the colossal worst pick. But there have been some gems as well. Check who made the list of best and worst.

Find out who joins Dan Marino on our list of the top five best, and top five worst, Dolphins draft picks.

The Bucs best picks ever feature two dynamic defensive juggernauts from the class of 1995. The worst? Well, you'll know when you check the rest out of the list out.

In their brief history as an NFL franchise, the Carolina Panthers have had their fair share of great picks and untimely busts. Take a look at who made the top 5 in each category.

The Rams have a long history from Cleveland to moves to Los Angeles, Anaheim and St. Louis. We'll check out some of their best and worst picks, from Dickerson to Phillips.

It took the New Orleans Saints 20 years to have a winning season, and their early drafts showed why. But they won Super Bowl XLIV, thanks to several key draft picks. See the best and worst here.

From building a dynasty to taking 26 years to once again reach the mountain top the Steelers have had a colorful draft history. Dave Dameshek counts down the best and worst.

The Dallas Cowboys managed to score big with their first-ever draft pick. In the years since, there's been a mixed bag of blockbuster talents and big-time busts.

Lawrence Taylor might be the greatest New York Giant player of all time, but he's not the best draft pick. Check out our list of best and worst draft picks in Giants history.

Key draft picks helped the Chicago Bears build a championship team in the 80s. Bad picks kept them from contending for the next 20 years. Find out who made the best and worst Bears picks.

The Washington Redskins have a storied history of stellar draft picks, as well as a plethora of picks they wish they had back. Elliot Harrison gives the five best and worst all-time Redskins draft picks.

From Akili Smith to Ken Anderson, the Bengals have suffered painful NFL draft picks and incredible steals. See who are the five best, and worst here.

The Colts draft history is rich with quarterback gold and quarterback busts. Find out which signal-callers made the best and worst lists here.

The Minnesota Vikings hit a home run in the NFL draft with Adrian Peterson, but had a major swing and miss on a running back 20 years earlier.

With a rich history chock full of Hall of Famers, find out who the best and worst Packers draft picks are during the Super Bowl era.

Since Steve Largent came to Seattle via trade, who will make up the five best all-time Seahawks draft picks? Find out, along with the five worst here.

The Houston Texans are a young franchise, but they've had their fair share of studs and duds when it comes to the NFL draft. Here's our list.

John Elways wasn't drafted a Bronco. Tim Tebow was. See where the quarterback falls in our best and worst picks list for the Broncos.

Tom Brady might be the best Patriots draft pick of all time, but what other Patriots made the list. Check out our list of best and worst Patriots picks of all time. .

Deion Sanders was a prime time pick for the Falcons. Check which other players made our list for best and worst picks for the Dirty Birds.

The names of Montana and Rice are there, naturally. Who else will make our hallowed list of best -- and the worst -- draft picks in San Francisco 49ers history?

Joe Flacco is one of the best Ravens draft picks ever, but another quarterback matches him on the opposite end. See who it is in our list of best and worst picks in Baltimore Ravens history.

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