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NFL discussing cutting final preseason game

Could the NFL cut out the final preseason game?

Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy told reporters that the competition committee has had lengthy discussions this week at the NFL Scouting Combine about reducing the preseason to three games, per Rob Demovsky of ESPN.

Murphy, who has been on the committee since 2012, echoed Packers coach Mike McCarthy who previously stomped for a contraction of the preseason.

"I think there would be support for three," Murphy said. "I think Mike's (idea), that's what we've talked about. Rather than playing that fourth game on a Thursday ... don't play a fourth game and then you'd have an extra week. We've looked at different models, but I think that's the one that makes the most sense.

"You're giving up some revenue, but it's one of the worst things we do. The move we made on variable (ticket) pricing helps a little bit in how preseason is viewed, but especially that fourth game is kind of a throwaway."

The fourth preseason game has been a black eye for the NFL as a blatantly sub-par product with the majority of starting players standing on the sideline. At that point in the process there are generally few roster spots to compete for and most of the players on the field are cut soon after the game.

Owners don't like losing revenue and some stadium lease issues might need to be dealt with, but cutting down the preseason could be a positive for coaches, players and fans.

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