NFL congratulates developers of NFL Player Assessment Test

The NFL has congratulated Drs. Harold Goldstein and Dr. Ken Yusko and their team at Siena Consulting for their work in developing the NFL Player Assessment Test.

The innovation earned the group the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology's M. Scott Myers Award for Applied Research in the Workplace, which is the most prestigious practice award in their field. 

Drs. Goldstein and Yusko began working with the NFL General Managers Advisory Committee in 2013 to develop the first league-wide comprehensive assessment that was focused on measuring the competencies required for success as an NFL player. The project was part of an effort to predict player performance in a manner that treats players from diverse backgrounds fairly, as well as providing clubs with insight into how players learn.

The NFL-PAT has been refined annually since its implementation, with its results regularly validated through club feedback to produce a tool providing clubs a reliable indicator of a player's potential.