NFL Comeback Player of the Year

The NFL Comeback Player of the Year as awarded by The Associated Press and selected by a nationwide media panel:

2011 - Matthew Stafford, QB, Detroit

2010 - Michael Vick, QB, Philadelphia

2009 - Tom Brady, QB, New England

2008 - Chad Pennington, QB, Miami

2007 - Greg Ellis, LB, Dallas

2006 - Chad Pennington, QB, New York Jets

2005 - Steve Smith, WR, Carolina; Tedy Bruschi, New England

2004 - Drew Brees, QB, San Diego

2003 - Jon Kitna, QB, Cincinnati

2002 - Tommy Maddox, QB, Pittsburgh

2001 - Garrison Hearst, RB, San Francisco

2000 - Joe Johnson, DE, New Orleans

1999 - Bryant Young, DT, San Francisco

1998 - Doug Flutie, QB, Buffalo

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