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NFL Bracketology Round 4: Greatest Game of All Time

March is almost over, but the madness is not. We are down to the semifinals in *NFL Bracketology: Greatest Game of All Time*.

Super Bowl XIII vs. Super Bowl XLIX

The fourth round showcases the No. 3 seed Dynasty Makers (Super Bowl XLIII: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Dallas Cowboys) against No. 3 Crazy Endings (Super Bowl XLIX: Seattle Seahawks vs. New England Patriots).

Pittsburgh became the first franchise to win three Super Bowls after its 35-31 victory over the Cowboys, and there was no shortage of Hall of Famers in this who's who Super Bowl matchup. Yet the game wasn't as dramatic as Super Bowl XLIX. The momentum shifted like a seesaw throughout the Seahawks-Patriots tilt, and the outcome suddenly made the University of Phoenix Stadium crowd and the rest of the world expert offensive play-callers.

Winner: Super Bowl XLIX

2011 NFC Divisional Playoff vs. Super Bowl XLIII

The other side of the bracket is a matchup between the No. 6 Individual Heroics (2011 NFC Divisional Playoff: New Orleans Saints-San Francisco 49ers) vs. No. 4 Great From The Get Go (Super Bowl XLIII: Steelers-Arizona Cardinals).

This competition is fierce, but here's a little insight before you make your final vote. With all due respect, the Saints vs. 49ers showcase is inferior because of importance. The game in the Bay Area was a thriller, but it's missing the lust, glory and championship quality of a Super Bowl. James Harrison's momentum swinging interception before halftime and Santonio Holmestip-toe touchdown catch are easily the best two plays of the two games.

Winner: Super Bowl XLIII

You too can have a say for the greatest game of all time. Go to our bracketology website to cast your vote. Voting ends on April 1.

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