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Next Gen Stats: Raiders' O-line vs. Chiefs' D-line

Here are some Next Gen Stats to get prepared for the Week 14 matchup between the Raiders and the Chiefs.

Next Gen Stats: Oakland's O-line vs. Kansas City's pass rush

How good is Oakland's offensive line?: The Raiders lead the league in average minimum separation allowed from pass rusher to quarterback on pass plays (3.4 yards of separation from Derek Carr upon the release of Carr's pass). The league average minimum separation allowed from pass rusher to QB is 2.9 yards. 

*How good is Kansas City's pass rush?: * The Chiefs have three defensive players who rank in the top 30 in average separation from the passer. Rookie defensive end Chris Jones averages 4.2 yards of separation (12th-best in the NFL), outside linebacker Tamba Hali averages 4.3 yards of separation (24th-best) and outside linebacker Dee Ford averages 4.4 yards of separation (29th).

X-factor: Since his return in Week 11, Justin Houston has been one of the best pass rushers in the NFL. Of all players to get at least two sacks over the last three weeks, Houston has the third-fastest average time to sack. 

Average time to sack (Weeks 11-13):

1.  Johnathan Hankins (Giants) -- 3.50 seconds to sack (2 sacks)

1.  Chris Long (Patriots) -- 3.50 seconds to sack (2 sacks)

3.  Justin Houston (Chiefs) -- 3.55 seconds to sack (3 sacks)

4.  Robert Quinn (Rams) -- 3.70 seconds to sack (2 sacks)

5.  Von Miller Houston (Broncos) -- 3.87 seconds to sack (3 sacks)

Note: Average time to sack over the last three weeks is 4.52 seconds.

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