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Newtown High School goes 12-0, helps city heal from Sandy Hook

The town of Newtown, Conn., has been through an unforgettable ordeal after the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School almost a year ago. The report on the terror was released earlier this week, USA Today reported.

The NFL has tried to help Newtown heal, with the New England Patriots and the New York Giants holding youth clinics and play days with area elementary school kids.

The Newtown High School football team has given the town another way to heal from the tragedy. In September, the team officially dedicated its season to those affected by the heartbreaking day. Fox Sports reported that the Nighthawks are undefeated this season after a victory Tuesday night and have state title aspirations.

Coach Steve George, who is in his seventh year, has an interesting story as well. He was born and raised in Newtown, playing for the school's last state championship-winning team in 1992.

The Connecticut Post reported that on Tuesday, Gold powered the school's 12th victory -- an uncharacteristic result for a team known more for its spread offense than its ground attack.

-- Bill Bradley, contributing editor

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