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Newton's Panthers poised to pull off upset of Texans

Albert Breer went 11-4 with his predictions in Week 14 and is now 135-70 for the season. How will he fare in Week 15? His picks are below, with home teams listed second:

Dallas has heard all week what a mess its operation has been the past two games. So on Saturday night, Jason Garrett's crew leaves little to chance.

My understanding is Dolphins players are irate over the club's handling of the Tony Sparano firing. So don't be surprised if the air comes out of the balloon for the team Sunday.

Though Seattle comes in at 6-7, this is more evenly matched than you might think. But in the end the Bears defense does enough to set up a big one at Lambeau for Christmas night.

Just a feeling here. Without Wade Phillips on the sideline, game-planning for the unique Cam Newton probably wasn't easy, so I think crazy things could happen in Houston.

It looks like Matthew Hasselbeck will get the nod, but with a re-charged Chris Johnson carrying the mail against a leaky Colts run defense, it almost doesn't matter who's under center.

Am I crazy to think to think the Chiefs will rally around Romeo Crennel and put together a solid defensive effort? Maybe. But I'm definitely not nuts enough to think it'll lead to a win.

Drew Brees vs. the Minnesota secondary? Hot knife, meet butter. By the end of this one, Dan Marino's yardage record simply will be a formality to check off in the final two weeks.

Yup, Washington's 4-9. But the Redskins are taking everyone to the carpet before succumbing, going toe-to-toe with the Cowboys, Jets and Patriots in the past month alone.

If this is it for Steve Spagnuolo, that's too bad, because some meaningful steps were taken in 2010, and injuries killed the Rams. Cincy, of course, badly needs this one.

Talking to Cliff Avril this week, and in light of Ndamukong Suh's return, I get the sense something is happening with the Lions this week. And whatever "it" is, it'll keep them in the hunt.

Arizona, like its division rival from Seattle, is creeping up on everyone, and lo and behold the NFC West isn't quite as bad as we all thought. By the looks of it, though, Cleveland sure is.

Bill Belichick almost always defers when winning the toss. If he wins it this week? Watch him take the ball, hand it to Tom Brady, and turn this one into a shootout. It'll work, too.

The Eagles offense isn't a terrific matchup for the Jets defense. But the Jets offense is a worse matchup for the Eagles D. And that means this turns into a slugfest, which isn't Philly's kind of game.

Baltimore had reason to be upset this wasn't flexed. And with a cross-country red-eye and short week to follow, there's a lot going on here for the Ravens, making this a character test.

A huge game for both teams, with first-round byes on the line. It seems unlikely now, but I see Ben Roethlisberger dragging himself out there and giving his club the lift it needs here.

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