New Seahawks DB Jamal Adams: 'My plan is to retire' in Seattle

Jamal Adams has gone from potentially becoming a "Jet for life" -- his old general manager's words, not his -- to talking about retiring as a member of his new team.

My, how quickly things can change in this football league. After making it known he wanted out of the franchise that brought him into the NFL with the sixth-overall pick of the 2017 draft, he's ready to build his forever football home in the Pacific Northwest.

"My plan is to retire here," Adams told reporters Thursday during his introductory press conference, per NFL Network's Omar Ruiz.

Adams was New York's brightest star of the future, brighter even than the franchise quarterback. He was a fan favorite, earning two Pro Bowl trips and drawing roars from crowds in Orlando during Pro Bowl practices just for simply jogging past them.

He's about to enter a much louder environment in Seattle.

"It's so surreal to be around a great organization like Seattle," Adams said in what can be read as a bit of a shot at his old team, via Q13 Fox's Aaron Levine. "To be coached by Hall of Famers, to play with (future) Hall of Famers ... I'm here to help and I can't wait to get out there with the 12s."

The 12s will be more than happy to welcome in one of the best young defenders in the NFL to a unit that already includes premier linebacker Bobby Wagner. Adams said Thursday he told Wagner "I'm here to help you," per Ruiz.

"There is no starting role yet for me. I have to earn it," Adams said.

Performative declarations aside, Adams will have earned his job by simply walking through the door. The 2019 All-Pro selection required multiple first-round picks to secure, and he'll command a top-dollar contract before long.

He'll likely be remembered in New York for his game-changing plays, his confidence and swagger, and his discontent that ultimately forced his way out of town.

He made sure to make one key point clear Thursday: Despite the way things ended on the opposite coast, he is not a trouble-maker.

"I'm here to play ball, I'm not a distraction in the locker room," Adams said. "I've never been in trouble in my life. I'm far from a problem."

The only problem Adam plans to be is one for opposing offenses. He'll get to work toward becoming one with Wagner and the rest of Seattle's defense starting with this training camp.

"How would I describe us linking up? It's a cheat code, man," Adams said of his joining Wagner in Seattle, via KOIN's AJ McCord. "It's a cheat code."

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