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New Orleans Saints' Sean Payton dismisses rumors

The New Orleans Saints enjoyed a surprisingly convincing road win in Pittsburgh Sunday, and then coach Sean Paytonreally got warmed up. He spent much of his postgame press conference taking shots at reports about his team.

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First up was a report from CBS' Jason La Canfora that Payton had a strained relationship with defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

"It's been outstanding. But Jason gets his information from an old defensive coordinator. ... (Ryan) and I get along get along, doing great," Payton said, later pointing out that he regularly gets into sideline arguments with many members of his staff. 

Payton then shot down an ESPN report that the team could have interest in Ray Rice.

"I think I would know if we were interested in signing any player, and so -- but those are the 'Sunday splash reports.' When you're in this business on Sunday, you gotta have something that everyone reads, regardless if it's truthful or not," Payton said.

" 'Cause last Sunday, what was it? You guys didn't even ask the question I was waiting (for) -- that we were hiding a player from the Denver Broncos, but that was another 'splash report.' ... And so, we like our running back depth, and if you do a little research, Khiry (Robinson's) coming back next week. Any more 'splash reports'?"

Well, now that you ask ... our very own NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport had an intriguing report that the Saints are planning to draft a quarterback high in next year's draft because they can see the end coming for Drew Brees.

"Is this where we're at? Is anybody going to ask about the Steelers? Next question."

Perhaps we're showing a little NFL Media bias here, but it's telling Payton didn't refute the report on Brees. This isn't overly surprising; drafting another quarterback is simply prudent business when you consider Brees turns 36 in January.

If the Broncos can draft another quarterback with Brock Osweiler and the Patriots can with Jimmy Garoppolo and the Packers can with Aaron Rodgers ... well, you get the idea.

You also get the idea that Payton will ride this "Us against the world" mentality as long as he can.

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