New era for Jets with Bowles, Maccagnan at helm

INDIANAPOLIS -- After sitting in on back-to-back press conferences featuring the new Jets braintrust of coach Todd Bowles and general manager Mike Maccagnan, I can state with relative certainty that Jets beat reporters are going to miss Rex Ryan very, very much.

Ryan created added work, sure, but he was always an entertainer -- even in those muzzled (Not-So) Fat Elvis final years. We were reminded of that during Ryan's availability on Thursday morning at Lucas Oil Stadium. When it was Bowles', and then Maccagnan's turn, both men came across as sensible, competent individuals. This is very good news for a franchise still in recovery from Hurricane Idzik, but neither man is going to become the New York tabloid icon on the level of Ryan. Maybe that's a good thing.

Bowles answered every question, but said very little, particularly on questions regarding New York's current roster. Maccagnan was similarly tight-lipped, refusing to give any insight on Percy Harvin's uncertain future or the Jets' murky quarterback situation. He noted that cornerback is a positional need, but didn't delve much further than that.

Maccagnan did reveal after his press conference that the Jets met with free-agent quarterback Josh McCown in Indianapolis this week.

"We did visit with Josh here at the combine, so we had at least had a little bit of a chance for him to feel us out and feel him out a little bit," the GM said. "That doesn't necessarily mean we're actively going after him, but it's that sort of process we're going through."

Maccagnan also left the door open for the Jets to trade on draft day. The Jets pick sixth overall, a position Maccagnan believes puts them in good spot to move up or down the board to their benefit.

"I think the first thing we have to do is sort of stack our board," he said. "That's kind of the basis of everything. And then once you stack your board, you make the determination of what you project to be there at six. We're not very far from the higher pick so the cost for us to move up is a little less cost prohibitive than a team that's picking in the teens, so if we feel if there's a value there -- because how we view the player -- it's an option."

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