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Never too early to start making some bold predictions

Anybody who watched's "Fantasy Live" last season knows I took a beating like Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford on my bold predictions. That is why I am going to get a jump on the competition with some bold predictions to go along with the release of the 2011 NFL schedule.

Those guys won't know what hit them.

So here are some of my early bold predictions for the 2011 fantasy season.

And without further ado ...

Fantasy game of the week:Colts at Texans
Projected fantasy hero:Chargers RB Ryan Mathews, sitting on the majority of fantasy benches everywhere, scores three touchdowns in San Diego's win over Minnesota.
Worst case scenario: Mascot hits Stafford, knocking him out for the next couple of weeks.
Potential Monday nightmare: Go all-in on Darren McFadden, and the new-look Broncos defense shuts him down.

Fantasy game of the week:Raiders at Bills
Projected fantasy hero: Even Packers backup Matt Flynn outscores most fantasy quarterbacks during garbage time vs. the Panthers.
Worst case scenario: An appearance at an Atlanta-area Petco goes awry for Michael Vick, and the Mike Kafka era starts for the Eagles.
Potential Monday nightmare: You want to believe in Eli Manning, but St. Louis' defense is better than expected.

Fantasy game of the week:Lions at Vikings
Projected fantasy hero: New Cardinals QB Blaine Gabbert has a huge game against Seahawks. Nobody starts him.
Worst case scenario: Because of repairs to the Metrodome, Vikings play host to Lions at a municipal park.
Potential Monday nightmare:Martellus Bennett was right: The Cowboys should have gone with Jon Kitna.

Fantasy game of the week:Bills at Bengals (look up last year)
Projected fantasy hero:Bengals QB Palmer. Jordan Palmer, that is.
Worst case scenario: Even Carson Palmer sat his brother on his own fantasy team.
Potential Monday nightmare:Colts WR Taj Smith has three touchdowns in a wasted fantasy effort.

Fantasy game of the week:Seahawks at Giants
Projected fantasy hero:Reggie Bush does something highly unlikely this week. Meaning it's a rushing touchdown or a reconciliation with Kim Kardashian. One or the other.
Worst case scenario:Texans coach Gary Kubiak benches Arian Foster for real this time vs. the Raiders for all the bad things we said about him last year.
Potential Monday nightmare: Stafford returns, but bumps heads with Jay Cutler, knocking both quarterbacks out of the game

Fantasy game of the week:Colts at Bengals
Projected fantasy hero: Rookie Ravens WR Titus Young torches Texans defense.
Worst case scenario: Stafford accidentally gets locked in a cell during a trip to Alcatraz, misses game at San Francisco.
Potential Monday nightmare: The Monday night game between the Dolphins and Jets is postponed when Jets fans protest an alcohol ban.

Fantasy game of the week:Seahawks at Browns
Projected fantasy hero: Remember this play? Tony Romo will be the leading rusher for Cowboys vs. St. Louis.
Worst case scenario:Peyton Manning's return to New Orleans takes a bad turn when he gets lost going to the stadium he attended so often when he was a kid.
Potential Monday nightmare: Jacksonville locals detain Joe Flacco in his hotel room when he appears on a local radio show and admits he doesn't like Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Fantasy game of the week:Cowboys at Eagles
Projected fantasy hero: Tim Tebow, who heals Stafford before the team's game in Denver.
Worst case scenario: Even Tebow's mystical powers can't keep Stafford healthy.
Potential Monday nightmare: The Chargers still don't think special teams is that big of a deal vs. the Chiefs.

Fantasy game of the week:Giants at Patriots
Projected fantasy hero: Romo torches the leaky Seahawks' D with percision passes.
Worst case scenario: Romo called on to hold for an extra point vs. Seattle.
Potential Monday nightmare:DeSean Jacksonstill hasn't learned his lesson.

Fantasy game of the week:Raiders at Chargers
Projected fantasy hero:Jamaal Charles has his last gasp. Then the march of fantasy death begins for Charles, Chiefs.
Worst case scenario:Titans QB Rusty Smith outduels Panthers QB Tony Pike.
Potential Monday nightmare: Poor weather forces Vikings-Packers game indoors this time.

Fantasy game of the week:Cardinals at 49ers
Projected fantasy hero:Browns QB Colt McCoy has been rolling all year long, has monster game vs. Jags.
Worst case scenario: Stafford is the start of the week -- but is injured when he collides with a moose during a run through his neighborhood.
Potential Monday nightmare: These current and former Patriots spend so much time spying … err … advance scouting, the game ends in a 0-0 tie.

Fantasy game of the week:Texans at Jaguars
Projected fantasy hero: This will be the week Manning allows the Colts' RBs to score, so Javarris James gets the honors.
Worst case scenario:Aaron Rodgers gets hurt at Detroit again. This time, it ruins your whole Thanksgiving weekend.
Potential Monday nightmare:Saints have to play home game at New Meadowlands just for old time's sake.

Fantasy game of the week:Eagles at Seahawks
Projected fantasy hero:LeGarrette Blount punches ... his way into the end zone. What, what did you expect me to say?
Worst case scenario:Colts vs. Patriots features Curtis Painter vs. Brian Hoyer.
Potential Monday nightmare:Maurice Jones-Drew decks another Chargers defender like he did Shawne Merriman.

Fantasy game of the week:Vikings at Lions
Projected fantasy hero:Tom Brady.
Worst case scenario:Jay Cutler says his feelings are hurt in return to Denver, sits on bench and doesn't help out Caleb Hanie.
Potential Monday nightmare: Both St. Louis and Seattle are sub .500 but still playing for NFC West lead.

Fantasy game of the week:Panthers at Texans
Projected fantasy hero: Like finding a "Bridge Too Far" on TV, the Panthers and Texans are our fantasy thesis. Unless, of course, Wade Phillips rocks that defense.
Worst case scenario: You start Stafford for the playoffs, but he's sucked into the Black Hole in Oakland.
Potential Monday nightmare: You need anybody from the 49ers or Steelers to score points for you. They don't.

Fantasy game of the week:Texans at Colts
Projected fantasy hero: Donovan McNabb. Vikings QB Donovan McNabb.
Worst case scenario: You decide to start Drew Stanton ... but Stafford makes his first start of the year and kills it.
Potential Monday nightmare: You're not in the fantasy championship.

Fantasy game of the week:49ers at Rams
Projected fantasy hero: Your fantasy commissioner who says the season ends in Week 16
Worst case scenario: You have a championship game in Week 17
Potential Monday nightmare: You have to wait seven months for fantasy football to start again.

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