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Neil Reynolds Week 8 Power Rankings

Sky Sports' Neil Reynolds returns with his 'Pre-Week 8 Power Rankings'. Watch Neil every Sunday LIVE on Sky Sports at 6pm.

The Patriots continue to do just enough on offense and that is perfectly fine because the defense is stifling the life out of every single opponent. Bill Belichick's finest season yet continues to play out.

What a coaching job from Sean Payton in 2019 and his team has now won five from five without the injured Drew Brees. The defense might also be challenging NE as the best in the league.

The 49ers slipped and slid to a 9-0 victory in Washington last weekend on a rainy day for defenses. The addition of Emmanuel Sanders at WR is mouth-watering indeed and this team is built to last.

It was pure perfection from Aaron Rodgers against the Raiders last week and he further proved that he can work with just a bunch of 'guys'; at wide receiver until Davante Adams returns.

What a difference three weeks can make in today's NFL. Kirk Cousins has gone from hot seat to being one of the hottest quarterbacks in the league. And the Vikings have found their offensive formula.

It's not textbook quarterback play as Lamar Jackson completed just nine passes in Seattle last week. But he did have some drops and should not be viewed as a pure QB - this is a football player!

Over to you, Matt Moore. With MVP Patrick Mahomes on the bench with a knee injury, this offense could take an inevitable step back; especially with Green Bay and Minnesota up next.

Indy's win over Houston was impressive in that Marlon Mack was held in check but Jacoby Brissett showed he is more than capable of carrying the load with 326 yards and four touchdowns.

I'm dinging Seattle a bit for that home loss to Baltimore, but they're still in my top 10. It was a bad day at the office for the run D but Lamar Jackson will do that to most teams he faces this year.

The Bills won last week to improve to 5-1 on the year but that was a worrying performance against Miami. Buffalo trailed for more than 26 minutes and needed defensive heroics to bail them out.

The Panthers are coming off a bye and are in good shape to make a run. They face a big test this weekend against the San Francisco 49ers.

The Cowboys ticked all the boxes with their Sunday night win over Philly. Dak Prescott had a 100.5 rating, Zeke ran for 111, Amari Cooper went off for 106 and the defense forced four turnovers.

As soon as the believers climb aboard the Texans' bandwagon, this team kicks them off with another display of inconsistency. Performing at a high level from week to week has been a problem.

It's hard to read too much into the Rams'win in Atlanta given how bad the Falcons have become. But they got big plays from Jared Goff, Todd Gurley and Aaron Donald and that's always a bonus.

I don't know what to make of this inconsistent team. I do know this, though... they get into far too many holes early in games and slow starts are very hard to get out of in the NFL.

Matthew Stafford and his playmaking receiving corps keep the Lions relevant, even though they are sliding in the win-loss column. Sending running back Kerryon Johnson to IR really hurts.

It feels like we are witnessing the end of the Mitchell Trubisky era in Chicago. But he is not alone in being a massive disappointment. Given his background on offense, the jury is very much out on head coach Matt Nagy as well.

The Raiders have some foundational building blocks to work with in running back Josh Jacobs and tight end Darren Waller. The Silver and Black's offense continues to grow under Jon Gruden.

The Steelers are coming off a bye. They need their defense to show up like it did in Week 6 for the rest of this campaign. The AFC wild card spots are still there for the taking if Pittsburgh can get hot.

It's been a rough start for the Cleveland Browns and their young quarterback Baker Mayfield. Next up? The undefeated New England Patriots led by a coach who feasts on young passers. Oof!

Minshew Mania grabs our attention every week but let's not forget the impact of Leonard Fournette, who took Cincinnati's will last Sunday. He has 918 yards from scrimmage in seven games this season.

The Bucs are coming off a bye week but reports out of Tampa suggest that Jameis Winston was still intercepted three times!

Ryan Tannehill showed us that Marcus Mariota could be riding the bench for a while yet, unless he gets traded before the October 29 deadline.

Who would be a Chargers fan? No one based on the level of support for this team in LA. They know how to put their supporters through the ringer and no team does a greater job of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

That's three wins out of three for the Cards and it's not just the Kyler Murray show. Chase Edmonds looks the real deal in the backfield and the defense showed signs of life at the Giants.

The Broncos are going nowhere with Joe Flacco at the helm and have recognised that fact with this week's trading of wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders. The Broncos are very much in selling mode.

I'm willing to give the Daniel Jones development as long as needed because there is little point in going back to Eli. But the shine is coming off this rookie who has now turned it over 11 times since becoming the starter (most in the NFL in that period since Week 3).

Don't get distracted by the 'Sam Darnold sees ghosts' story... this whole team should hang its head in shame after Monday's 33-0 home loss to New England. It's tough sledding for NY's football teams.

The Falcons lose 37-10 at home, Matt Ryan gets injured and Devonta Freeman becomes stupid enough to pick a fight - which he lost - with Aaron Donald. That's what is known as a bad day.

I cannot think about Washington's home loss to the San Francisco 49ers - which was played in a downpour - without thinking how good Rob Ryan's hair must have looked. It must have been like a shampoo advert!

The winless Bengals are like an out-of-shape boxer who cannot go the distance. They show some fight in the early rounds but simply run out of steam and get their tails kicked week after week.

I'm telling you right now... If the Miami Dolphins keep playing Ryan Fitzpatrick they are going to blow their 'Tank for Tua' evil plan and lose out to one of several truly-awful teams this year.

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