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Neil Reynolds Week 12 Power Rankings

Sky Sports' Neil Reynolds returns with his 'Pre-Week 12 Power Rankings'. Watch Neil every Sunday LIVE on Sky Sports at 6pm.

You know all about the Lamar Jackson greatness by now, but let's give some love to secret superstar running back Mark Ingram, who as good at playing football as he is at introducing teammates in press conferences.

The 49ers continue to battle through injuries, but I do worry about the general health of this team entering a difficult stretch. Last week's win over Arizona was a big moment for Jimmy Garoppolo.

The Seahawks are coming off a bye and this talented team showed it is for real before the break with a massive road win at San Francisco. Russell Wilson remains the driving force at quarterback.

The Saints got their offense back on track last week with a 34-17 win over a Tampa Bay team that insisted on giving the ball to New Orleans at a frequent rate. This remains a true contender.

I know Patriots fans are going to be furious with this ranking and will demand I put more respect on their team's name. But that offense is truly worrying and Tom Brady looked less than ordinary in Philadelphia last Sunday.

The Packers are coming off their bye week and remain in the 'very good NFL team' category. If they can win in San Francisco on Sunday night, they can consider themselves elite.

There are certainly negatives that can be taken from the Vikings getting into a 20-point hole against Denver last week but let's look at the good stuff here. Kirk Cousins was outstanding in digging them out of said hole and winning a game in which Dalvin Cook was a non-factor.

A win is a win but that was not a smooth-looking operation on the offensive side of the ball on Monday night. The bye week comes at a good time for the Chiefs, who can get Tyreek Hill fully healthy during their break.

Dak Prescott is going to get paid big-time in the offseason and has taken control of this offense at the perfect time for him, personally. If he and the Cowboys pass a big test at New England on Sunday, a rankings jump is coming.

Derek Carr does not look like he is about to morph into the second coming of Brett Favre, but he is good enough to win with and the Raiders are genuine playoff contenders deep into November.

Indy's O-line can take over games at times, as they did last week against Jacksonville, rushing for 264 yards and three touchdowns even though they lost Marlon Mack to a broken hand.

That was a massively disappointing loss at Baltimore last week. Deshaun Watson was harried and off target and he scrambled around and into his own pressure at times. This team lacks consistency.

Josh Allen and the offense woke up in Week 11, but it was only against the Miami Dolphins. Buffalo have their doubters, but a 7-3 record has to be taken seriously. That said, I don't see the Bills as genuine Super Bowl contenders.

The Rams fed Todd Gurley to the tune of 25 carries last Sunday and they won an ugly one against the Chicago Bears. But I don't think this offense is fixed and some blame has to be directed towards highly-paid quarterback Jared Goff.

Mason Rudolph has said sorry for his role in the end-of-game scrap between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns. He should also offer up a mea culpa for his play in the preceding 59 minutes and 30 seconds.

Carson Wentz has virtually nothing to throw to when targeting his wide receivers and that was evident last week against New England. It is affecting the quarterback as he appears to be very much in the doldrums.

The schedule eases up for the Browns now and if they can just find some consistency, a late run towards the playoffs is not out of the question. That said, can we really trust this ill-disciplined team?

The Titans are 3-1 with Ryan Tannehill at quarterback but I still cannot see them making a playoff run, even in a relatively-weak AFC. If that run is to be made, Derrick Henry needs to play a major role.

Kyle Allen is in freefall and Christian McCaffrey is falling out of the MVP race. More worrying is that this team is getting left behind in the super-tough NFC. It's tough to see the Panthers making the playoffs now.

Jacksonville's run defense has been non-existent this season and I'm not sure that Doug Marrone is completely safe as head coach of this team. The Jags are still alive... but only just.

It certainly looks like the beginning of the end for Philip Rivers. He is tossing up too many interceptions in what has become a supremely frustrating season for the Chargers.

The Cardinals are one of the happiest three-win teams in a long time because they appear to have their long-term answer at quarterback in Kyler Murray. The building process has some way to go but this team could make some noise in 2020.

The Falcons have won two straight and could be a dangerous opponent to come up against down the stretch. Of particular note has been the improved form of the defense, which was missing in action for much of 2019.

I think the Mitchell Trubisky hip injury in the fourth quarter of Sunday's loss to the Rams was a convenient excuse. This offense needs a massive shake-up, although this season is already lost. The Bears are done.

The opposition has been poor (NY Giants and Washington) but at least Sam Darnold has delivered victories. He has five touchdown passes and a rating of 112.0 over the past two weeks.

Jameis Winston cannot stop throwing the ball to the other team. His NFL-high 18 interceptions are the most thrown by a QB through 10 games since Jay Cutler in 2009. That is not good company to be keeping.

The Lions had some big moments against Dallas last week, played their opponent tough but, ultimately, lost. And that kind of sums up the Lions this season. They are fun to watch, but not very good.

The Broncos need to build much of what they do around young wide receiver Courtland Sutton, who is developing into a stud. They will be buying another 'quarterback lottery'ticket in 2020 though.

After a two-week blip, the tank is back on. But who are they tanking for now? And have they fallen too far ahead of the Bengals. It's all a bit confusing but this much I know... the Dolphins are still not very good.

The word out of New York is that rookie quarterback Daniel Jones threw three interceptions last Sunday while sitting on his couch during the Giants' bye week. Stick with it, Big Blue... there is no point going back to Eli now.

Tickets selling on the secondary market for $6 per pop last week are a sign of how disinterested Washington has become in the Redskins. There is about as much fan interest as there is offensive line interest in protecting Dwayne Haskins.

The Bengals remain winless and Zac Taylor remains on the hot seat as a potential one-and-done head coach. There's not much more to say about this struggling team.

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