Ndamukong Suh to visit Raiders on Wednesday

It appears the dream -- or perhaps the nightmare, pending on your NFL fandom -- of seeing Ndamukong Suh and Aaron Donald on the same defensive line will have to survive at least one more visit with another team.

After tripping to Los Angeles to visit with the Rams' brass Tuesday, it's expected that Suh will visit the Oakland Raiders on Wednesday, NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported.

Suh's free-agency tour is quickly approaching one of the longest in recent memory for one of the league's best players. The big defensive tackle, who was cut by the Miami Dolphins last week, has already had meetings with the New Orleans Saints, Tennessee Titans and Rams.

"I'm getting the sense now that this is going to be an extended search -- it already is an extended search as Suh tries to build up a market," NFL Network's Mike Garafolo said on Up to the Minute on Tuesday. "That's something that you sometimes can have a difficult thing doing as a player who is released versus a guy who's scheduled to be a free agent anyway. So that's what you're seeing from Suh as he's trying to build up the sweepstakes here. We'll see what the final numbers come in at."

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