Ndamukong Suh thinks he can put Bucs 'over the top'

Ndamukong Suh has been a busy man. The star defensive tackle recently got engaged and signed a new contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Suh didn't visit the Bucs before inking his deal, as he's currently in France celebrating his engagement, but the 32-year-old spoke with coach Bruce Arians and defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, and likes what Tampa is trying to build. Suh spoke to the Tennis Channel during the French Open about his new job -- his first comments since signing his contract.

"I'm very excited," Suh said. "I actually had the opportunity to talk very deeply with (defensive coordinator) Todd Bowles as well as Bruce Arians, two elite coaches that I've had great interactions with in years past. I like being part of things you can build and be able to put them over the top. Hopefully my talent, as well as all the other guys -- former Nebraskans, Lavonte David -- we can play together and change the game there, and get us to a winning situation."

The Bucs' new defensive tackle made the Super Bowl with the Los Angeles Rams before falling short of snagging the Lombardi Trophy. Before the 2018 season, Suh had played in just three career playoff games (two in Detroit, one in Miami) without a postseason victory.

Tampa has a big hill to climb in the NFC South to get Suh back to the playoffs, but the defensive tackle could help boost a Bucs defense with plenty of holes to fill.

"This week was a big week," Suh said. "I was very blessed to have the new contract and go to the Bucs and go down there, but I have a fiancée now. I proposed, and got down on a knee, and she's here with me and we're enjoying this great country. She's a great woman. She's been by my side for many, many years. We grew up together, to say the least, and I'm very, very blessed, to say the least as well."

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