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Ndamukong Suh's postgame defines state of Dolphins

Ndamukong Suh's series of "next question" answers at the podium on Sunday were the perfect way to illustrate the current state of the Miami Dolphins.

He refused to answer a question about the gear he wore to practice earlier this week -- according to the Miami Herald, he donned sneakers for practice which was viewed as a shot at embattled defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle -- and he refused to answer a question about why the defense gets off to so many slow starts.

This comes on the heels of what NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported on Sunday. Coyle was subjected to a closed-door meeting where players aired their grievances about his scheme and puzzling personnel decisions.

Does it leave any doubt that Monday will bring change? As Rapoport noted Monday on NFL HQ,Dolphins management will huddle together and make a decision. The problem is that there aren't many interim candidates on the staff outside of special teams coordinator Darren Rizzi. Coyle, though, could be taken out of the equation rather easily.

The major problem with spending big in free agency is that it creates otherworldly expectations. That, and it rarely works out over teams that draft and develop to a schematic fit.

But the Dolphins are an example of a team where everything is broken, from the unhappy and mismanaged personnel right up to offensive and defensive schemes that appear completely broken.

Their game against the Jets in London, which dropped them to 25th in total offense and 30th in total defense, was quite possibly the only way to sum it up better than Suh did. Outside of wideout Jarvis Landry, it looked like no one wanted to be there. Todd Bowles hurled the same blitzes at Ryan Tannehill down after down and they weren't adjusted. Chris Ivory thrashed through the defense, pinballing off more than $200 million worth of talent.

Now, the next question is simple: Who will stay to fix this, and who will go?

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