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Ndamukong Suh not interested in answering questions

If Ndamukong Suh had any interest in explaining what appeared to be a targeted attempt to step on Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers last Sunday -- Suh had his one-game suspension reduced to a $70,000 fine -- he was not showing it during his media availability Wednesday.

The Lions' All-Pro defensive tackle also had no interest in speaking about his future, or providing a message to Lions fans if he indeed plans on playing his last game in a Detroit uniform this weekend.

"Ready to get focused on playing against Dallas," Suh said, in many variations, over the course of his press conference.

If that didn't suffice, Suh simply passed it off by saying "Next question." He did that nine times, including when asked if he really could not feel his feet because of the cold, which is the reported reason he gave league officials as to why he stepped on Rodgers. He also declined to say why he wanted to attend his disciplinary meeting in person.

Suh did briefly expound on one aspect of the situation, though, which may end up becoming the biggest takeaway. As his reputation molds, he will continue to lose benefit of the doubt when it comes to questionable actions on the field.

After his stomping incident in 2011, which resulted in an immediate ejection, his history of play was brought to light like never before. Now, there will always be a watchful eye on arguably the league's most gifted defensive tackle.

"I don't think that's a question for me, that's a question for someone else who evaluates my play from that perspective," Suh said. "Just gonna go out there and play as hard and fast as I can to help my team win."

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