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NCAA to undergrads: Don't accept benefits during draft week

NEW YORK -- The NFL forwarded a letter from the NCAA on Monday to players invited to this month's draft that warns underclassmen about potential rules violations for attending draft parties.

The letter from NCAA director of player security services Dena Garner emphasized that players not eligible for this year's draft can't receive benefits or services such as travel, lodging, meals or entertainment if they attend such parties. Each college athlete must pay for all of those things or he could violate NCAA rules.

In bold letters, Garner wrote: "Please do not jeopardize the NCAA eligibility of your friends or former teammates."

Several player agents said they have seen the letter.

The NFL Players Association has scheduled a few such parties around the April 28-30 draft, although none of them is set for during the actual draft. Garner's letter urges student-athletes to ensure they are aware not to take any benefits or services from the league, corporate sponsors, an agent or a friend or a former teammate in connection with the parties or similar events.

Garner urged any college athletes with questions about what could be a rules violation to contact their school's compliance office.

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