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Mychal Kendricks' trade request was denied by Eagles

Linebacker Mychal Kendricks revealed Friday that he asked to be traded away from Philadelphia this offseason -- but the Eagles wouldn't have it.

"Their response was: 'You're young, you're talented and we're not into that.' So, I took it like that and was like, 'Alright.' That's why we have agents," Kendricks said, per Tim McManus of ESPN.

"That's the business. It's just like that. You tell them what you want, they either do it or they don't and you are in the contract that you signed. So that's it."

Kendricks saw his playing time shrivel up last season under coordinator Jim Schwartz. In a system that asks its defensive ends to rush the passer, the 2012 second-rounder was left out in the cold. Generating zero sacks, Kendricks never played more than 13 snaps in a game all year.

Under contract through 2019 and set to make $4.85 million this season, Kendricks knows the drill, saying: "I signed under a different coach and I signed under different management -- well, some people are still here. Things change."

Still toiling in Philly, Kendricks believes his window to be shopped remains open.

"No, it's never closed. There's a million teams out there," Kendricks said. "You've only gotta have one of them that loves you, one of them that likes what you're doing. There's 32 out there. It's never closed. Everyone's up. We're all renting space here, coaches included."

Kendricks is correct. The Eagles haven't budged on a deal, but they'll continue to pick up the phone if teams come calling for a player that Philly is barely using. Stay tuned.

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