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Moss waxes personal on all things Randy, some things football

Randy Moss' latest edition of "Moss TV" on Ustream wasn't unlike a home version of Charlie Sheen's 2011 concert tour, just without the weirdly inventive wordplay.

Moss' hour-long show did feature a costume change and at least one attempt at comedy, and it covered more topics than your average edition of USA Today. Some of them even involved football.

The 35-year-old free-agent receiver responded to comments and questions from online viewers Wednesday in a return engagement (he had previously announced his intention to return to the NFL via Ustream on Monday).

Sitting in front of his fish tank (FYI: His black piranha is named Gargamel), Moss began by talking about New York Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin, then segued to Tim Tebow ("I like Tim Tebow ... he's a winner") before donning coke-bottle glasses and a Kangol hat and pretending to be his "brother Jacob."

He left and came back as Randy shortly after that.

Here are some other highlights:

Wyche: Limited options for Moss

Randy Moss' agent says teams are interested in his client, but Steve Wyche believes the receiver's options could be limited. **More ...**

» Kobe Bryant is better than LeBron James.
» Showed off his Corey Stringer tattoo.
» Says he's going on vacation in the Bahamas with the Wilforks.
» Tupac over Biggie.
» Tony Stewart over Carl Edwards.
» Lakers over Clippers.
» Jay-Z over Kanye.
» At 35, he's too old for braids.
» Moss on nutrition: "I like coconut water, so I drink that a lot."

As for football ...

» Moss just wants to be on a team "where I can come in to do some damage. I don't know who it's gonna be."
» Says "my boy" clocked him at a 4.3-second 40-yard dash Wednesday.
» Says Calvin Johnson would be the best wide receiver to play with to complement his skills.
» Likes the way Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh plays. "Sometimes we do stupid stuff out there. Sometimes you let your emotions get the best of you."
» Says he doesn't hate former Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress. "I don't hate anybody."
» Likes Dallas Cowboys wide receivers Dez Bryant's "tenacity."
» Says Darrelle Revis was the toughest cornerback he faced in the NFL. "Ain't nobody else gave me no problem in my 13-year career."
» Brett Favre "the original gunslinger" over Aaron Rodgers -- but Aaron is "a hell of a quarterback."
» Says he'd take Tom Brady over Joe Montana (though he added he only caught the end of Montana's career).
» Talks to Brady "any chance I get."
» Says Bill Belichick was best coach he had. When he left Oakland, Moss thought he knew everything, but when he got into Belichick's system, he realized he didn't know that much.
» Says his best moment with Patriots owner Robert Kraft was sitting in the locker room playing "Liar's Poker" for $1. ("Straight cash, homie!")

Before signing off, Moss said his next "view" will be from the Bahamas.

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