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Moss' NFL comeback reportedly not fueled by finances

In one of his most recent editions of "Moss TV," Randy Moss told his loyal viewers that his drive to return to the NFL isn't fueled by money.

A source close to the wide receiver confirmed to Yahoo! Sports on Friday that Moss' comments weren't a made-for-TV sound bite and he would accept a non-guaranteed contract.

"This is not about money for him, he wants to play," the source said. "He'll want to be paid if he makes the team, but nothing up front. He's not trying to grab a check."

Moss announced his comeback intentions earlier this month after skipped the 2011 season during his brief retirement from the league. Moss recently said he still can go up and get the ball and has been clocked running a 4.3-second 40-yard dash.

While at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher said he might be willing to reunite with Moss, though one NFC executive told Yahoo! Sports that motivation is the primary concern when it comes to the receiver.

"The question with him is all about motivation," the executive said. "I'm not all that interested because I like our wide receivers. But if the guy is willing to come in with no guarantees, just a make-good contract, I think that would make some teams more comfortable, no question."

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