More T.O. drama? Nope, this time it's a self-promoting sitcom

Terrell Owens has an idea for a television sitcom. The star? Himself, of course.

Owens, who spent last season with the Cincinnati Bengals, is shopping his idea for the TV show, which would include actors portraying his real-life kids and their mothers, The Daily reported Wednesday.

The wide receiver wants to call the show "8 & 1", a play on his uniform number. In it, he'd play an aging NFL star named Terrell O'Neal who shares a home with his mother, his best friend, two of kids' moms and four children.

"It's loosely based on my life and my career. I have four kids by three different moms," Owens said. "It will showcase my skills as an actor, which is something I want to do after football."

The foray into the small screen wouldn't be the first for Owens, who starred in a VH1 reality series, "The T.O. Show," and co-starred with Bengals teammate Chad Ochocinco in the "T.Ocho Show" on the Versus network.

Potential material for Owens' proposed show was written last week, when authorities in Georgia said a July 26 court hearing was set after one of the kids' mothers, Melanie Paige Smith, accused the receiver of not paying all the child support owed to her.

That news also came at a time when speculation about Owens' football career ending increased after it was revealed last month that he tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee and had surgery in April.

Owens, 37, told The Daily he wants to resume his football career with a team "that has a high chance of winning the Super Bowl" once his injuries heal.

"I'm rehabbing to get it back to full strength," Owens said. "I'll be back before they expect."

Owens' agent, Drew Rosenhaus, recently called talk of the receiver retiring "nonsense" and said his client "will be playing at the start of the NFL season."

Owens realizes he faces an uphill battle in recovering his health and how he's perceived.

"A lot of people have the perception that I'm arrogant, I'm difficult to get along with, that I've disrupted a lot of teams," said Owens, who also has played for the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills. "It's hard to dispel the stuff the media puts out and it's a never-ending battle."

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