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More important for Texans: Defense or offense?

The Texans vaunted D has gotten gashed the past two games, but their offense has cranked up 77 points in wins. More concerned about the defense or encouraged by the offensive explosion?

Forget what I think. The conceit of our job is telling you what they should think. The Texans fancy themselves a Super Bowl team, they better be more concerned about the defense.

You have to love what they're doing offensively, especially remembering that Andre Johnson is a difference maker. After a slow start, He. Is. Killing. It.

Last week, the Lions had 31 points against Houston. Green Bay? 42. I know, it's Green Bay. Still, if you're a Texans fan, it's not a source of encouragement.

The defense will be fine. It took a similar dip late last season. They put it together then and will again. The offense is starting to get really warmed up. Perfect timing.

They missed Johnathan Joseph. They'll miss Brooks Reed, but mostly they miss Brian Cushing. They were giving up just 14.6 points a game when he went down.

They miss Mario Williams too ... (sarcasm)

Except for J.J. Watt, sacks are down, too. Connor Barwin and Reed combined for 17.5 sacks last season. This year? 4.5. Goodnight.

Barwin and Reed's sacks are down, Watt's are up. Sacks aren't the end-all. Wins are, and they've got enough offense to pick up the slack and enough defense to make a deep playoff run.

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