Moore on Browns: It feels like being drafted again

Alongside Demario Davis, safety Rahim Moore is one of the few notable signings by the new Browns regime and could provide a window into how the club is evaluating free agents under new executive VP Sashi Brown.

At his peak in Denver, Moore was a top-15 safety, logging seven picks, 19 pass breakups and 143 tackles over his final three seasons with the Broncos. In Houston last year, his situation was quite different. Moore was benched after just seven games and cut a year into his three-year deal. It's unclear if the Browns, who signed him to a one-year deal, will actually use him in run-heavy situations.

"It's a blessing. It feels like being drafted all over again," Moore said in a release, via "I can definitely sense the aura on how this program is trying to change things around. Before I set foot in the premises, I've known the great history of the Cleveland Browns, from former UCLA great Eric Turner to Don Rogers to Thom Darden, it's a great place to be, and I really felt like this was a great opportunity for me and a great fit, so I'm really excited."

It will be interesting to see the diverging opinions between those leaving the Browns and those coming into a new regime. Moore's signing will barely register on the NFL radar, but it is one of the few the team has made since the opening of free agency. Outside of trading for Colin Kaepernick, the Browns will be radio silent heading into a season with so much promise.

But perhaps this is the balance that fans need to digest. Yes, signing Hue Jackson as head coach was a major coup and might eventually tip the scales for free agents on the edge of making a decision. But for now, isn't this is more about laying the groundwork for something in the future and eliminating the kind of frivolous spending on end-of-career free agents that consistently sank this team for years? This is the way the Jaguars operated for two seasons before the team started moving into attack mode, signing tight end Julius Thomas and some of the other top 50 free agents. Now, they should be considered a potential playoff team with a high-powered offense and a cadre of homegrown stars who will earn big paychecks in the near future.

It might not be as simple or as effective. Jaguars GM Dave Caldwell had a sterling reputation as a talent evaluator heading into his tenure as general manager. Brown, and fellow VP Paul DePodesta are fighting a different sort of battle in Cleveland. And maybe that's why the Rahim Moore signing will be looked at so differently across the board.

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