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Monday Nightmare: Tom Brady taketh away

Adam Rank is on a bye this week, so Marcas Grant is filling in for this week's Monday Nightmare.

Several of my buddies and I have a mantra we live by when it comes to the final NFL game of the week.

"Magic can happen on Monday night."

Normally it applies to a particular player going bananas and scoring a ton of points to bring you back from the brink and earn a win. But for everyone who experiences Monday Night Magic, someone on the other side of the ledger is having a Monday Nightmare.

It seemed as though everything was going as normal and the only real nightmare was that I wouldn't get the 0.94 points I needed from DeAngelo Williams to take down Adam Rank in our Experts' League. But thanks to a, um ... less-than-terrible second half from Williams, I squeaked out a win.

Then the last play happened.

Tom Brady throws an interception that likely sunk plenty of fantasy owners' chances of winning. Maybe it was the minus-two that went to Brady. Maybe it was the plus-two that the Panthers defense earned. Either way, someone was getting the fuzzy end of the popsicle stick.

But wait ... there's a flag! Or there's not. Sorry 'bout your luck. Drive home safely.

Chances are, plenty of you were using the same colorful adjectives Brady spewed after that one.

This could be the first time anyone has had Tom Brady as their quarterback and said he was given too much time because he killed the team's chances of winning. Yep, magic really does happen on Monday night. Though sometimes, it's in the form of witchcraft.

Marcas Grant is a fantasy editor for Follow him on Twitter.

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