Monday Nightmare: Not so Golden finish for some

I have a defense mechanism that kicks in every Monday. No matter how big my lead might be, I always feel my team is in danger of losing. For instance, I was up 42 points on Team America in our Experts League and I still was worried that Marshawn Lynch was going to find a way to make up the difference.

I understand it's kind of like Lou Holtz during his Notre Dame years when he tried to convince the national media Navy had a chance of beating the Fighting Irish even though there was no way it was going to happen.

However, I'm always convinced in other's ability to win other's games. Like my man Jesse right here.

Yeah, what were the odds Golden Tate was going to come through with two touchdowns and 20 points against the tough St. Louis Rams defense? That would be next to impossible. Has Tate even scored two touchdowns in his NFL career? I mean, was this even possible?

Why was somebody even going to start Golden Tate in this instance? Tate was started in fewer than 20 percent of leagues. This had to be a true desperation play.

And there Tate was with two touchdowns just as Jesse feared. Too bad points weren't deducted for showboating. If you lose on Monday night because somebody started Marshawn Lynch or Russell Wilson, you just deal with it. Those are the breaks. But a mid-card receiver like Tate? That takes losing on Monday night to a whole new level of losing.

This was the epitome of the "Monday Nightmare" -- and the very reason I started this column on Monday nights, to help us through instances like this. Honestly, if I were writing a thesis on "Monday Nightmare", this game from Tate would be my closing argument.

I know Jesse can't be the only one stung here. Share your tales of woe. Consider this the fantasy therapy group: There is no judging here. So let it all out, you'll feel better when you do.

For the record, Jesse lost by .96. Maybe there's a stat correction looming.

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