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Monday Nightmare: Jordan Matthews just missed

You will never find a person more vehemently opposed to replay than me. I understand, you want to get the call right. Believe me, I'm still smarting from the Josh Paul call back in 2005. But you have human beings playing a game, so it's part of the charm to have it officiated by human beings. That's just the way you want it.

I watched the BYU at Nebraska game a few weeks ago. The Cougars won the game on a desperation heave at the very end of regulation (it feels weird to say BYU completed a 'Hail Mary') and the team went bonkers. But then they had an intrusive replay to make sure that the OBVIOUS touchdown was indeed a touchdown. It killed the natural spontaneity of the moment. Which was way too bad.

So I don't like replay.

But how in the name of Great Ceasar's Ghost does Chip Kelly not review what was an obvious Jordan Matthews touchdown? Again, human beings making calls. But (expletive), you have the technology right there. Please use it.

Damn right!

Thankfully, that play didn't cost me (thank you Julio Jones). But some of you were not so lucky as to escape the #MondayNightmare. Here are some of the best exchanges of the night.

Yeah, about that. A pretty rough one right there.

Don't worry, the #MondayNightmare therapy group meets every Monday night. Feel free to come by and share with me, @adamrank. Just be sure to use #MondayNightmare.

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