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Monday Nightmare: How did I lose to Mike Wallace?

This column started many, many years ago because nobody seemed more destined to lose on Monday night than yours truly. I know you might think you have a tough time on Mondays, but I'm the all-time franchise leader.

Case in point, Monday's Dolphins-Bucs game. If I ever wanted to write a term paper on the "Monday Nightmare" this would be my thesis statement.

To be honest, my "NFL AM" league team has been quite a handful. I've been burned by C.J. Spiller and my "defense" has the most fantasy points scored against it. Not that I'm bitter, but I would be in the playoffs if I had some other folks' schedule.

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I thought my squad had turned a corner and was on the road to victory. But then Spiller happened. I know, just when I thought it was safe to start him with his best matchup of the season, he responded with 3.40 points. Which was, I should just be happy he got me that many.

Despite Spiller's best efforts to nuke my team, I had a great chance to knock off Steve Wyche on Monday night. Down by around three-ish points, I had Mike James and he had Mike Wallace.

Yeah, we know how this story is going to end. To make matters worse, my gutty squad held in there for almost the entire game as Darrelle Revis held Wallace in check. It wasn't until deep into the fourth quarter when Wallace finally earned enough points to push Wyche into the win column.

Seriously, you couldn't do this in the second quarter and put me out of my misery? You made me wait the whole game for this?

Oh well, I feel better now just writing this, and I'm sure you will, too. Share your own tales of woe. I know I can't be alone; let it all out there. But be respectful, that's all I ask. Respectful, like these fine folks who used the #mondaynightmare.

I was screaming for them to just give James the touchdown to, you know, be cool.

Yeah, not exactly the poise of a veteran there.

Nobody said it was going to be easy.

Mike James had more points in one drive than Lamar Miller had in the whole game. I don't even know what that means.

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