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Monday Nightmare: Getting defensive in Detroit

This has been a pretty strange year for me in my League of Record. As in I'm struggling to make the playoffs. I have that team that was stung by injuries and stuff (I had Adrian Peterson and Ryan Mathews as my top two backs and then had to drop RM because I had to wait out the AD situation). Plus the perennial "team that scores the most points but also has the most points scored against it" squad. You all know what that is like, right?

But my team has fought back. We do our waivers differently because, ah hell, all of this is self-satisfying and most of you probably don't care. So let me sum it up this way, I figured my buddy Hetland, Mark D. and I were going to fight it out for the final playoff spot. And since Hetland and Mark D. play each other next week, I was in a win-and-in situation. The only thing is Hetland delivered the #MondayNightmare to my man, Scotty J (he had like 493 points from the Bills D), so he just clinched a playoff spot. So now I have to not only beat Scotty J to get my final playoff spot. I need to beat him by 23.

So here I thought I was going to be all smug this morning, but I was delivered a Merde Sandwich instead. Awesome. So I want to kick back and commiserate with all of you. Especially those of you who had your night swing a garbage-time score from Jimmy Graham.

Well, you know my feelings on the Bills!

Oh that's right; Marques Colston decided he wanted to play last night. Awesome of him. Could have been worse. He could have started Nick Toon or something to beat you.

You're going to have some company.

That's awful. I don't want to tell you he's saved my bacon this year. But he has. But still, that was brutal.

You should meet that guy up there.

That sucks when they get your hopes up.

Like that. Really, that one was worse because you feel like you have no chance to begin with. Then you are given a little hope. And then you just beg for Ingram to get one little dump off to push you over the top. Speaking of which, I just looked through my League of Record. I have like four games where I lost by less than four points. Ugh.

And then you're pulling for the onsides kick. It's brutal.

Solid use of (explicit)!

That Watkins one is really, really brutal.

Speaking of Gray! (Actually, I left him in a league, too.)

And then there is that. I've been there beseeching a team not to throw it to a guy I was going against. But then, you know.

I would have been laughing if I had that lead. But we know how Monday night works.

You're lucky I like you, because you didn't use the right hashtag.

We're not laughing with you.

Oh no!

Double hash-tagged for each Graham touchdown.

Dude, I didn't think you were making it up.

Oh man. That's rough.


Wow, that's tough. You want to think you're safe, but even then, you had to know that you were in a lot of trouble.

I'm not sure you know how this works.

Seriously guys, knock it off. Quit bragging.

This guy, tho. I'm out.

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