Monday Nightmare: Garbage time points still count

Really starting to feel terrible for the LeSean McCoy holders who have suffered through a terrible season with, what could have been, their top draft point. I would even reason McCoy has hurt fantasy owners more than any other running back selected in the first round because you put McCoy in your lineup each week and still hope for the best.

McCoy even vultured a touchdown from poor Mark Sanchez and that still probably didn't help a lot of you. The #MondayNightmare has kind of turned into a season-long nightmare for a lot of you who have McCoy.

And we haven't even started to discuss what has happened to Cam Newton. Things have been pretty bad for the Panthers. Something is amiss there. I'd start with offensive coordinator Mike Shula and kind of move on from there. I mean, if you think there is really something wrong with the Newton, why not send him to Arizona and see if there is really a problem there?

All right, let's move on to you folks. I don't have much to offer you here. I came into Monday night in a near dead-lock with my nemesis Mike Conrad. It was pretty much an elimination game in our League of Record. I had Mark Sanchez and Kelvin Benjamin. He had Jeremy Maclin and Greg Olsen. So since this isn't Monday night bragging, let's get on to you.

And the winners are ...

Yeah, that's a pretty tough one to take. I'm feeling you.

Well, be honest. You figured it was going to be a huge night for one of them, right? I would have given the lean to Maclin, but the Eagles defense is no joke.

You made the right call. Actually, you made the wrong call. I always hate when people say that (expletive). Like "If I had to do it over again, I would start Maclin." Well then what would be the point of having the ability to do it all over again? If I could do it over again, I would have drafted Marshawn Lynch and DeMarco Murray with my first two picks. That's how it's supposed to work.

Wait, he had that many? It wasn't a terrible night. Like I said, I stopped paying attention to Maclin because Benjamin started putting up huge numbers.

Well, he probably would have thrown a pick, so there is that.

Wow, that is pretty miserable. Isn't fantasy football fun, folks?

Whoa, easy with that hashtag. Nick Foles ain't getting his job back.

There is that.

Or that.

Hey, garbage time points are still points.

I don't even know how your scoring works, but that looks awful.

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