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Monday Nightmare: Fitzgerald has no luck of the Irish

It's funny, if you go back to the origins of the #MondayNightmare column, it could be traced back to Mike above. I don't have the statistics to back me up, but I believe Mike has rallied to beat me on Monday night at least once a season dating back to 1999 and the creation of the Corona Football League. The same league that serves as my league of record.

And yes, I did offer Larry Fitzgerald some movie tickets to take off Monday night. But he decided to play and while it paid off for the Birds, it didn't really equate to the fantasy point total for most enthusiasts. So now the worm has turned so to speak, right Mike?

Seriously, I'm going to live it up right now. Because Fitzgerald was held to less than three points, I was able to sweat out a huge win over Conrad thanks to the Lions D/ST and a small nod to the Chargers D/ST. I don't like to engage in hyperbole often, but my epic win to defeat my dreaded rival would be akin to Heath Slater beating John Cena clean. (Which would be the greatest night, ever.)

I'm sure Mike was not the only one suffering last night. I watched the game with my man, Bill E. who is a huge Cardinals fan, but had Larry Fitz on his team. Talk about your double-whammy. At least his team won. Imagine those people who are Chargers fans and had Keenan Allen on their fantasy roster (I almost nailed the projection on Allen if he would have just caught Malcom Floyd's touchdown.)

We've talked so much about Monday night and didn't even mention what Calvin Johnson and the rest of the Lions did to fantasy enthusiasts Monday night. There were a lot of tales of woe to go around.

So I will turn it over to you. Who burned you on Monday night? Consider this one big group therapy session. Let it all out, you'll feel better when you share it with folks who can commiserate with you. Like these fine folks.

Wait a minute, this isn't a space for braggers! This is for people who were haunted by the #MondayNightmare. So give us your tales of woe. And be sure to use the hashtag all year long!

You can hit up Adam on Twitter @adamrank. He's pretty good about answering your tweets. Well, except when @midnight is on. Although, he's getting better at the #HashtagWars. He crushed #NFLRappers.

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