Monday Nightmare: Bell seals the deal in final seconds

Mike Vick has finally done what no defense back has been able to do: Stop Antonio Brown.

Call him the premiere shutdown quarterback of the NFL.

Well here it is. Brown is going to be a mild fantasy play as long as Ben Roethlisberger is out. Seriously, fantasy enthusiasts would be better off if it was Brown on the shelf, because you're compelled to play him as long as he's in. But Vick has pretty much nuked his fantasy value.

Credit to those of you, however, who weathered the storm and drafted Le'Veon Bell. I grabbed him in my league of record and was made fun of for the entire evening. But now who is the last one laughing? Me. For right now. I wish I had some dramatic story about how Bell's final score had pushed me over the top.

(And speaking of that play, I like that Mike Tomlin coaches like he has "forget you" money. He's like the dude who hits on 18 at the blackjack table while the dealer is showing a five. I'm not sure he's ever going to be able to deliver a championship to the Steelers, but at least he's kind of fun.)

But back to the point; I'm sure that final play of the game sealed a lot of fantasy fates on Monday night. Let's just say we jump right in.

All right folks, keep them coming to @adamrank. Consider it one great big fantasy therapy session. Until next week!

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