Momentum building for expanding instant replay

Following Monday night's missed illegal bat againstSeattle Seahawks linebacker K.J. Wright, the outcry for expanding instant replay is growing.

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported on NFL Network's GameDay First that momentum is building among owners to discuss replay expansion.

"From what it seems like, there is more momentum now than there really has ever been," Rapoport said.

So, which calls would be reviewable and what is the mechanism for those reviews to take place?

According to Rapoport, if replay is expanded, the NFL would go through and make a list of calls that would NOT be reviewable, specifically judgment calls like holding or pass interference could be on the list. It's possible, per Rapoport, that everything else could be reviewable.

Given the scope of what that expansion would add, the NFL might also consider adding a coaches challenge inside the two-minute mark (when replays are initiated by the booth).

Detroit Lions coach Jim Caldwell said this week that owner Martha Ford was miffed with how refs handled the situation in the Monday night loss in Seattle.

"And don't think Mrs. Ford is not upset," he told a local radio station, per the team's official website. "Don't think that she doesn't tell them (NFL officials) and give them a piece of her mind, because she is there at the league meetings -- this week or yesterday. And without question, that's done. We have a protocol that we go through."

If more owners, like Ford, push for expansion of replay reviews as a way to avoid reffing errors, we could see changes sooner rather than later.

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