Mind-blowing stats for every team

Check out stats for every team that will blow your mind:

» 2012 quarterbacks: Failed to capitalize on 4-0 start.

» Larry Fitzgerald: Has 133 consecutive games with a catch.

» Patrick Peterson: Had one of two punt returns to win game in OT.

» Ernie Nevers: Only player with six rush TDs in one game.

» Kurt Warner: Directed Cardinals to only Super Bowl appearance.

» Matt Ryan: Leading Falcons to unprecedented success.

» Brett Favre: Backed up Chris Miller, Billy Joe Tolliver.

» Michael Vick: Rushed for 1,000 yards with Falcons in 2006.

» Deion Sanders: Played for Falcons and Braves in same day.

» Michael Turner: Five seasons with 10 TDs a first for team.

» Joe Flacco: Elite when it comes to playoff success.

» Ray Rice: Has something in common with Marshall Faulk.

» Ray Lewis: One of six to win multiple defensive POY awards.

» Jonathan Ogden: Among four first-ever picks in Hall of Fame.

» John Harbaugh: All he's done is win.

» Jim Kelly: Had amazing stretch of success.

» Drew Bledsoe: Awesome offense nets less-than-awesome result.

» O.J. Simpson: Only back to rush for 2,000 yards in 14 games.

» Stevie Johnson: More than 1,000 yards in three straight seasons.

» Bruce Smith: Had double-digit sack totals 12 times with Bills.

» Cam Newton: Most rushing TDs by QB in consecutive seasons.

» Muhsin Muhammad: Formed lethal tandem with Steve Smith.

» Luke Kuechly: Gave Panthers back-to-back ROY winners.

» Jake Delhomme: Went from World Bowl to the Super Bowl.

» Jonathan Stewart: Formed two-headed beast with teammate.

» Devin Hester: Arguably the greatest return man in NFL history.

» Erik Kramer: Only Bears QB with 300 yards passing at Lambeau.

» Harlon Hill: Could have company in Brandon Marshall.

» Gale Sayers: Exploded for epic rookie season in 1965.

» Walter Payton: Emmitt Smith never had a season like Sweetness.

» Andy Dalton: Is Dalton elite? One stat has him among stars.

» A.J. Green: On torrid stat pace after just two seasons.

» Marvin Lewis: Dropping the "L" in Bengals.

» Ken Anderson: QB has a strong case to be enshrined in Canton.

» Cris Collinsworth: Was first Bengal to have 1,000 yards as rookie.

» Bernie Kosar: Is last QB to direct Browns to division title.

» Jim Brown: Also among greatest-ever lacrosse players.

» Ozzie Newsome: Set standards for production as tight end.

» Tim Couch: Set off wild QB carousel going back to 1999.

» Dub Jones: First with four rush TDs, two receiving TDs in game.

» Emmitt Smith: Went 11 straight seasons with 1,000 yards.

» Tony Dorsett: Has only 99-yard rush in NFL history.

» Roger Staubach: Had 104.8 passer rating in first season as starter.

» DeMarcus Ware: Second-fastest player to 100 career sacks.

» Dez Bryant: Numbers eerily similar to another No. 88.

» Peyton Manning: Fourth Bronco to throw for 4,000 yards.

» John Fox: Led Denver to division title in first two years at helm.

» Terrell Davis: Holds record for TDs in first four seasons.

» Tim Tebow: Left his mark in Denver despite short tenure.

» Glyn Milburn: Had legendary performance in 1995.

» Matthew Stafford: Went to same high school as Lions legend.

» Calvin Johnson: Setting new team receiving standards.

» Alex Karras: Was Pro Bowl DT before being Webster's dad.

» Thanksgiving Day: Lions haven't won on holiday since 2003.

» Lambeau Field: Lions haven't won there since 1991.

» Brett Favre: Set tough standards for Rodgers to match.

» Aaron Rodgers: Tops Favre, all other QBs, in one statistical area.

» Vince Lombardi: Produced unreal number of Hall of Famers, titles.

» Cal Hubbard: Member of two professional sports' Hall of Fames.

» Don Hutson: Arguably most dominant receiver in NFL history.

» Arian Foster: From undrafted player to elite performer.

» Andre Johnson: Beat only by Marvin Harrison to 800 career catches.

» J.J. Watt: Producing swatts and sacks at unprecedented level.

» David Carr: No. 1 pick of 2001 took a beating in pocket.

» Ed Reed: Can climb up all-time interceptions chart.

» Peyton Manning: Could be second Colts QB picked No. 1 in Hall.

» Andrew Luck: First QB picked No. 1 to start playoff game as rookie.

» Reggie Wayne: Postseason catch total second only to Jerry Rice.

» Marvin Harrison: Numbers suggest he belongs in Canton.

» Johnny Unitas: Set standard for Colts QBs who followed.

» Maurice Jones-Drew: Joined Eddie Price in unique milestone.

» Luke Joeckel: Third straight Aggie drafted in top 10.

» Blaine Gabbert: Shares dubious distinction with Akili Smith.

» Gus Bradley: Fourth Jaguars head coach since 2011.

» Derrick Harvey: Started streak of top-10 picks for Jags.

» 2012: First winless season in divisional play.

» Pro Bowl: Despite rough season, six Chiefs selected.

» Alex Smith: Fifth former 49ers QB to join Chiefs.

» Todd Blackledge: Last QB drafted by Chiefs to win game for KC.

» Matt Cassel: Combined with Brady Quinn to throw just eight TDs.

» Bob Griese: Had poor Super Sunday before perfect season.

» Ricky Williams: First two seasons in South Florida were stellar.

» Ryan Tannehill: Two large shadows loom over quarterback.

» Dan Marino: Tied with Sonny Jurgensen in leading league.

» Don Shula: Compiled most wins in NFL history.

» Adrian Peterson: Had unprecedented yards-per-carry average.

» Blair Walsh: Money from 50-plus yards out.

» 2013 NFL Draft: Rare three first-round picks for one team.

» Randy Moss: Feasted on Cowboys in epic Thanksgiving game.

» John Randle: Posted 41 more sacks than Warren Sapp.

» Tom Brady: Can he set a new record against the Jets?

» Steve Grogan: Second to Brady in TDs thrown to different WRs.

» Stevan Ridley: Second to Corey Dillon in rushing yards.

» Bill Belichick: Enters 2013 tied for sixth in coaching wins.

» Patriots offense: Did something in 2012 not done since 1991.

» Drew Brees: Accurately accumulating piles of passing yards.

» Darren Sproles: Set NFL record with 2,696 yards in 2011.

» Tyrone Hughes: Had a special day as special teamer.

» Morten Andersen: Holds almost every kicking record.

» Tom Dempsey: Holds one record Andersen never broke.

» Phil Simms: Had best performance in Super Bowl history.

» Homer Jones: Holds long-standing NFL receiving record.

» Eli Manning: Was really good in the fourth quarter during 2011.

» Victor Cruz: Very good at going deep.

» Jim Lee Howell: Blessed with best assistants in league history.

» Joe Namath:Mark Sanchez has a better passer rating.

» Mark Sanchez: Rates with Rick Mirer, Tim Couch, Joey Harrington.

» Curtis Martin: Alongside Barry Sanders in at least one milestone.

» Rex Ryan: Did he miss shot at reaching Super Bowl?

» Steve O'Neal: Executed a 98-yard punt ... that's a record.

» John Madden: Compiled top win percentage before turning 43.

» Darren McFadden: Still awaiting first full season of play.

» Al Davis: Has presented nine Raiders at Hall of Fame.

» Rich Gannon: Big dropoff for Raiders since his 2002 MVP season.

» Jim Plunkett: Two Super Bowl wins, but no Hall of Fame spot.

» DeSean Jackson: Game-winning punt return as a rare feat.

» Harold Carmichael: Tall in stature, large in production.

» Freddie Mitchell: At least he has fourth-and-26 play.

» Michael Vick: Had more turnovers in 2012 than Redskins.

» LeSean McCoy: Broke Steve Van Buren's long-standing team mark.

» Ben Roethlisberger: Won 14 consecutive games to start career.

» Rod Woodson: Pick six leader also adept at recovering fumbles.

» Terry Bradshaw: Was once team's all-time passing leader.

» Chuck Noll: Only two coaches have followed him in Steel City.

» Plaxico Burress: Was last Steelers pick in top 10 of draft.

» Ryan Mathews: How does he stack up to LaDainian Tomlinson?

» Dan Fouts: Led league in passing four straight seasons.

» Lance Alworth: Remembered as greatest receiver in AFL history.

» Marty Schottenheimer: Fired after 14-2 season.

» Junior Seau: Went to 12 straight Pro Bowls as a Charger.

» Bill Walsh: Greatest legacy is coaching tree.

» Aldon Smith: Sack total ranks him among some greats.

» Colin Kaepernick: Already topped Dan Marino in one category.

» Steve Young: From USFL to backup to Hall of Famer.

» Joe Montana: How he earned "Joe Cool" nickname.

» Russell Wilson: Did "12th Man" provide assist in success?

» Doug Baldwin: Seahawks found a hidden treasure in receiver.

» Percy Harvin: Prolific after the catch.

» Shaun Alexander: Only Seahawk to earn prestigious award.

» Jim Zorn: Part of NFL's most abysmal offensive showing.

» Steven Jackson: Holds longest current 1,000-yard streak.

» Janoris Jenkins: Joined elite company with three pick sixes.

» Marshall Faulk: Arguably best dual-threat RB ever.

» Eric Dickerson: Rushed for 3,913 yards in first two years.

» Willie "Flipper" Anderson: Was video-game good once in 1989.

» Warren Sapp: Helped end epic run of losing seasons.

» Ronde Barber: 5,733 days since Bucs last played without him.

» Vincent Jackson: Second to Mark Carrier in yards in team history.

» Doug Martin: Had spectacular two-game stretch as rookie.

» Steve Young: Move from USFL to Bucs did not work out that well.

» Chris Johnson: Earned CJ2K moniker after 2009 season.

» Kevin Dyson: Completed most legendary play in Titans history.

» Steve McNair: Was co-MVP with Peyton Manning in 2003.

» Eddie George: Workhorse only averaged 3.6 yards per carry.

» Vince Young: Rookie of Year season was unimpressive.

» Alfred Morris: Another 1,000-yard rusher under Shanahan.

» Robert Griffin III: Part of elusive "20 and 5 Club"

» Joe Gibbs: Won three Super Bowls with three QBs.

» Darrell Green: Spent two decades with same team.

» Sammy Baugh: Passing pioneer set standards for QBs.

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