Mike Wallace passes conditioning test, returns to field

The Mike Wallacenightmare is over.

The Baltimore Ravens wide receiver is back on the field Friday after passing his conditioning test, the Baltimore Sun reported.

Video evidence of Wallace hitting the practice field:

The truth of the matter is that Wallace failing his conditioning test a couple of days ago was never a big deal. If his name was Renaldo James instead of Mike Wallace, no one would have blinked an eye. Because Wallace is a lightning rod for criticism, any small opening for blasting will be jammed with 10,000 sticks of hot-take dynamite.

Players fail conditioning tests for a plethora of reasons, most of which aren't known to the public. Those of us doing our job sitting in chairs, bathing in air-conditioned glory have little room to spew bloated, hallow outrage about a player failing one conditioning test.

John Harbaugh didn't sound worried about Wallace being in shape. Neither should we.

Now that he's on the field, the real test for Wallace begins. Finally back with a quarterback who excels throwing the deep ball, can he morph back into a productive receiver and banish the years of mediocrity? Or will this stop in Baltimore be a short end for a once explosive deep threat?

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