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Mike Wallace: Don't blame Lazor for Dolphins' woes

The Miami Dolphins took care of business Thursday night, beating the Buffalo Bills in what could be seen as a November playoff game for the two AFC East teams.

It wasn't a perfect performance. Bill Lazor's offense had just three points well into the third quarter and finished two of six in the red zone. Efficiency inside the 20 has been an issue all season.

On Friday, Mike Wallace spoke about the offense's continued struggles during a time in which Lazor has been the subject of internal criticism.

"We keep leaving touchdowns on the field week after week, after week. Same story," Wallace said, according to the South Florida Sun Sentinel. "Coach (Lazor) is calling good plays, getting us in good positions, and we have to execute better. We keep doing it every week.

"We sit up here and question coach about this, question coach about that, but coach can't get us in the end zone. He's not the person on the field. We're the players. We have to do it," Wallace said. "(Converting) 2 of 6? You might be able to get to the playoffs like that, but you're not going to win anything like that.

On Wednesday's edition of the Around The NFL Podcast, we wondered if -- OK, outright suggested -- Wallace was one of unnamed Dolphinswho told NFL Media's Jeff Darlington that Lazor's "abrasive" style and inconsistent game plan was hurting the team. Wallace doesn't sound like that guy here, putting the onus on the players to get the job done.

Wallace is right, too. You can beat a mediocre Bills team in November playing at the level Miami did Thursday. That performance won't cut it against the AFC heavies.

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