Mike Tomlin: I grew up a 'Hollywood' Henderson fan

The Terry Bradshaw-Mike Tomlin saga rolls on.

The Steelers great has been lambasted in all corners following his strange decision to rip Tomlin on basic cable last week. Bradshaw should have known better. The story was guaranteed to have legs, and sure enough, it remains a major talking point around the Steelers as they prepare for yet another playoff run under Tomlin.

On Tuesday, Tomlin addressed Bradshaw's comments.

That's the good stuff, Mike. By the way, Bradshaw has inadvertently put himself in a tough position and here's why: The Steelers are one of the hottest teams in the NFL, and Bradshaw's Tomlin critique will stay on the grid as long as Pittsburgh stays alive. If the Steelers win the whole damn thing -- this is not wholly unfeasible -- Bradshaw's comments will be forever linked with a Steelers champion.

So, in a way, Terry Bradshaw, perhaps the most famous of all Steelers, would benefit by this Steelers team flaming out next month. You done stepped in it this time, buddy.

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