Mike Tolbert 'snitches' on Panthers ahead of matchup

Panthers offensive coordinator Mike Shula needs to come with a new bag of tricks on Sunday. Former Panthers power back and current Buffalo Bill Mike Tolbert just got done ratting him out.

Tolbert's candor is what makes this development, something that happens in every facility, every week of the NFL year, interesting. Bills coaches looking for an edge would have to be insane not to pick Tolbert's brain about Shula's tendencies and, in all likelihood, Shula is aware of Tolbert's familiarity and is looking to mix it up. Tolbert, who played in Carolina the past five seasons, is just one of the few players relaxed enough to joke about it.

Of course, swapping Tolbert and a more power-centric running game out for Christian McCaffrey has made a lot of this intel moot. Carolina did not display the kind of maddening, next-gen offense we expected in a defense-heavy 23-3 win over the 49ers in their season-opener but will no doubt look to expand and diversify McCaffrey in the coming weeks. Unless Tolbert has maintained a Deep Throat in Carolina, Buffalo could still be on its heels this weekend.

And, if there's something Tolbert can add that head coach Sean McDermott, the former defensive coordinator of the Panthers, doesn't already know, I'd be quite impressed. Nearly the entire regime in Buffalo has roots in Carolina, including new general manager Brandon Beane.

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