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Mike Remmers on SB: 'I'll be kicking myself' forever

With all the focus on Cam Newton's post-Super Bowl pouting and Cam Newton's non-dive attempt on his fumble, most ignored the nightmare day Carolina Panthers right tackle Mike Remmers experienced during Super Bowl 50.

After weeks of not watching the train wreck, Remmers finally got around to watching the Super Bowl tape, but told reporters in a telephone interview Tuesday he couldn't get through all of it.

"It's unfortunate," Remmers said, via the Charlotte Observer. "I'll be kicking myself the rest of my life about that game. But it's behind me, and there's nothing I can do about it now except to learn and grow from it.

"I think that's exactly what I've done. I'm going to continue to grow from this experience and looking forward to starting next season."

Von Miller won Super Bowl MVP by burning Remmers off the edge, time and time again. Both of Miller's game-changing strip sacks came by blowing by Remmers. Pro Football Focus even graded Remmers by far the worst Panthers player on the field during the Super Bowl, giving the blocker a -7.7 rating -- 4.2 worse than the closest teammate.

"It was an amazing experience going to the Super Bowl, but you wish you'd remember it for winning it. So I'm a little upset that we didn't win it," Remmers said. "But it's all in the past now. The only thing I can do is learn from it and grow from it. I'm over it. Looking forward to next season."

Remmers signed his restricted free agent tender on Tuesday, which guarantees him $2.55 million for 2016.

While fans might clamor for a change, general manager Dave Gettleman staunchly defended his 27-year-old right tackle during February's combine. Gettleman said he's not a "knee-jerker" in terms of reacting to a poor outing and adamant about giving Remmers the benefit of the doubt.

Last season, Gettleman was chided for importing Michael Oher as his left tackle and sticking with Remmers on the right side. He looked like a genius until the Super Bowl. With no free agent upgrades, Gettleman is counting on Remmers getting over his Super Bowl horror.

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