Mike Pettine mum on Browns QB decision

Browns head coach Mike Pettine might have a quarterback quandary on his hands once Josh McCown clears concussion protocol. But until that time, he still considers this a hypothetical he won't have to address until it is time.

"It was a real positive conversation, a lot of good opinions, I think we're all on the same page, but the quarterbacks aren't in until later this afternoon," Pettine said on NFL HQ Tuesday morning. "We'll go ahead and talk to them then but it's still a hypothetical. Until Josh is cleared from the concussion protocol, then we'll have to act accordingly."

This was Pettine's way of cloaking how he really feels about a pending decision, whenever that may take place. But did he lend us any clues?

Later on in the interview, it seemed like Pettine gave himself several outs in case he wanted to pick Manziel over McCown straight up (emphasis mine).

"Josh has been outstanding. Anybody that knows him knows how genuine he is, how passionate he is about football and about his teammates, and just wanting to win regardless of what his role is. That was a big part of our discussion when he came in for his free agent visit. He wanted to not only be considered the quarterback, but also mentor the young guys in the room and he's exceeded those expectations. It's like having another coach in the room."

And this...

"(Manziel on the practice field) has been really good. He's dialed in. He takes it from the meeting room to the walk through to the practice field and it showed up in the game."

At this point, it might make more sense for the Browns to truly let Manziel play this out. There's no doubt that he's found some small ways to adapt his gambler style to the NFL, and imagine how that could look with more time spent reading defenses. It may be nice to know for sure whether the team has their quarterback of the near future before hitting the 2016 NFL Draft.

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