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Mike Pettine: Browns' opinions on Marcus Mariota vary

Few discussions about Marcus Mariota end in complete agreement about the quarterbacks' future in the NFL.

Those disagreements don't just happen on social media, internet comment sections or at a local beverage location, they are happening within team buildings.

However, NFL Media's Andrea Kremer said Thursday on NFL Network's Path to the Draft that coach Mike Pettine told her "opinions on Marcus Mariota are varied inside this building."

It's not a shock that a team would disagree on the quarterback's worth. Different personnel have different opinions on all sorts of players. They are also each under different levels of pressure when it comes to longevity and career future.

Some view the former Oregon Duck as a scheme-fit who would need to find an offense like Chip Kelly's to succeed. Others believe he's a future Pro Bowler with the skill and work ethic who can overcome any draft-day questions.

Pettine's comment to Kremer came after the coach said trading up to draft a player only makes sense if you are "getting a slam-dunk, blue-chip player who is going to start for you for 10 years."

The Browns appear divergent on whether Mariota is, in fact, a slam-dunk 10-year starter under center. What really matters is who is calling the ultimate shot on a potential trade and how they view the quarterback's future.

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