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Mike McCarthy on Aaron Rodgers: Best throw I've seen

The Green Bay Packers' playoff odds mushroomed from 66.5 percent to 92.08 percent, per the analytics site numberFire, when Aaron Rodgers connected with Richard Rodgers on the game-winning "Hail Mary" pass Thursday night.

With the understanding that one play has accounted for such a drastic swing in the Packers' season, it's easy to identify with Mike McCarthy's effusive praise on Friday.

McCarthy deemed the unlikely victory Green Bay's "greatest regular-season win" since he took over as head coach a decade ago.

"The reaction on the sideline, to see our guys, the joy we had," McCarthy explained, via the Green Bay Press Gazette. "What a great win. One win, a division win. ... We know this was going to be the trials of our schedule. It's definitely been that. There's a lot to learn from what we've been through."

Beyond the jubilation for his team, McCarthy reserved higher praise for his quarterback.

"Probably the best throw I've seen in my time in the game," McCarthy said, via the team's official Twitter account, of Rodgers' picture-perfect 61-yard touchdown. "Great throw."

McCarthy went on to explain that many quarterbacks would have thrown a flatter ball in that situation.

"The arc on the ball was critical to the success of the play," McCarthy said, adding that Rodgers' ability to buy time and escape pressure was just as important.

The otherwise taciturn Patriots coach Bill Belichick typically uses his media availability on Fridays to regale reporters with kernels of football wisdom.

NFL Media's James Palmer was on-hand Friday morning when Belichick addressed Rodgers' throw, pointing out the degree of difficulty.

So many things have to go right on a "Hail Mary" pass, Palmer explained, paraphrasing Belichick. The ball has be thrown high enough and inside the end zone with an opportunity to catch it. So many times the ball can be caught out of bounds or short of the goal line.

In short, McCarthy wasn't indulging in hyperbole.

The Packers' head coach couldn't wait to review the play late Thursday night.

"Watched it on the flight home," McCarthy said. "It's the beauty of fast forward. Right to the last play and then watched the tape. Wanted to see the specifics of it. Saw it on TV this morning. Couldn't sleep so I wanted it a few times on TV. It's a phenomenal play."

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