Mike McCarthy: Chicago comment 'was all in fun'

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy told a group of season-ticket holders last week that the Packers were going to "kick Chicago's ass" in Sunday's season opener.

And since we live in a sad place, he had to publicly downplay those comments a week later once they were filmed, posted on social media and brought to the attention of unhappy Bears fans.

"It was all in fun, but I think it's really just an example of why you shouldn't say things like that in public," McCarthy said, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "The reality of it is it is really the way the game is looked upon. It's a great rivalry. I'm sure a lot worse is said in private about the opposing teams and so forth, but it is with great respect.

"It's the oldest rivalry in the National Football League. In my opinion, I think it's the best rivalry game that I've played in. So playing down there opening day, it's going to be a lot of fun. It's a big challenge."

If it's truly a great rivalry -- which it is -- this is exactly what coaches and players should be saying in public. They hate each other. Great!

Somewhere along the line, it became inappropriate to lob a grenade at your opponent during the middle of the week. Admittedly, the media played a large role in that, especially when coaches would have to spend more time backtracking then they did game planning.

The best part is, Bears head coach John Fox doesn't exactly disagree.

"I looked at the tape," he said, via ESPN.com. "They should be confident."

But this seems altogether harmless. Go ahead, Mike, say what you need to say.

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