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Mike Brown wanted Colin Kaepernick over Andy Dalton

Colin Kaepernick's first four playoff performances have been among the NFL's most electric in recent seasons. Andy Dalton's three playoff losses have been among the league's most deflating.

Schein: Nothing doing with Dalton


Yet another playoff flop from Andy Dalton confirmed it, Adam Schein says: The QB definitely limits the Bengals' ceiling. **READ**

If Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown had his way, it would have been Kaepernick -- not Dalton -- leading his team to the postseason the past three seasons.

Citing Kaepernick's "unusual mobility," Brown told The Cincinnati Enquirer that he preferred the Nevada quarterback at No. 35 overall in the 2011 NFL Draft, whereas newly hired offensive coordinator Jay Gruden pushed hard for Dalton.

Although Kaepernick was physically superior in every conceivable way, he was viewed as a developmental project, while Dalton was considered "NFL ready" with pinpoint accuracy and subpar arm strength.

Leading up to the draft, Gruden couldn't hide his affinity for Dalton as a natural fit for his West Coast offense.

Pepsi NEXT Rookie of the Year

Giovani Bernard had 695 yards and five touchdowns rushing, and 514 yards and three touchdowns receiving. Was it the best rookie performance of 2013?

Three years later, the 49ers have a franchise quarterback, while the Bengals are stuck in purgatory at the position.

As owners who also call the personnel shots, Brown and Cowboys grand poobah Jerry Jones are the last of a dying breed.

Brown never has been afraid to climb out on a flimsy limb if he has a strong gut feeling on a prospect. Given his history, it's a surprise that he deferred to a novice NFL coordinator in choosing Carson Palmer's successor as the face of the franchise.

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