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Midseason All-Pro Team: Rodgers leads highly productive group

Below is my inaugural Midseason All-Pro Team. This was a lot of fun to put together, though there definitely were several difficult decisions. Here are a few quick notes about the process:

» Since most NFL teams are veering away from using a fullback, I opted to put two tight ends on my team to reflect the trend.

» I picked the two best guards and the two best tackles, regardless of left or right.

» I opted to go with the 4-3 alignment on defense, so DeMarcus Ware (an OLB in the Cowboys' 3-4) plays end here.

» The toughest call probably was at running back. LeSean McCoy was strongly considered, but I ended up going with Matt Forte as he is doing it all. Most every decision had alternates, but I went with the players who for the most part have been healthy and really productive.

Let the debates begin.

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